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Hotel Bayview Motor Inn

Bedford Highway, 50, Halifax B3M 2J2 , Nova Escócia (Canadá)

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A slow pace, relaxed -Home Away From Home- feeling, situated on a hilltop overlooking beautiful Bedford Basin. Enjoy the quiet and quaint rooms while watching the International Container Ships load and unload. Our courteous staff await the arrival of clients seeking a casual atmosphere, as you will not find -suits and ties- with us. Come and unwind, relax and enjoy your stay.


Bedford Highway, 50, Halifax B3M 2J2 , Nova Escócia (Canadá). On the hilltop, at the Southern tip of the Bedford Basin where the Narrows begin. Central location and easy access to all points of the Halifax Regional Supercity. Minutes to city centre, shopping, historical sites, commercial and residential.

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